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Platform Introduction

Platform Introduction

Toonies is one of the largest cross-border e-commerce supply chain companies in China. The company currently focuses on apparel products, including women`s wear, men`s wear and children`s wear. In Guangzhou, it has Guangzhou warehouse, Hangzhou warehouse and Huzhou warehouse. Distribution channels cover mainstream cross-border e-commerce platforms.

Toonies( is a professional clothing distribution service platform. We are committed to serving Chinese SMEs and bringing Chinese manufacturing to the world.

The seller does not need to set up warehousing and logistics channels. As long as the products are published in their own sales stores and operate well, they can automatically deliver orders and easily earn profits.

Toonies ERP( is a high-efficiency erp processing system independently researched and developed by the company. It is tailor-made for companies, foreign trade companies and distributors. It is a foreign trade ERP with efficient, fast and powerful processing functions, integrating download orders, purchasing, logistics and delivery. The system allows you and your company to easily achieve sourcing and freight forwarding worldwide.

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Platform features

Platform features

  • Integrate the largest online wholesale market resources for women`s wear in China.

  • Integrate China`s largest online wholesale market resources for men`s wear.

  • Integrate China`s largest children`s clothing network wholesale market resources.

  • Our advantage

    Our advantage

  • Massive clothing, sku million
  • Open resources, market IT management
  • One-click product launch, one-click translation
  • Picture package data package download
  • Provide channels based on the e-commerce market
  • Provide a profit model for partners
  • Provide professional operational guidance to partners